The island of Andros is an island completely different from the others in the complex of Cyclades! Four small rivers cross the island from East to the West. With the high and rocky mountains, the water streams, the steep cliffs and with many large and small golden beaches, is an island full of contrasts and surprises.

The village of Aghios Petros (St. Peter) where our hotel Villa Sofia is located has a seemingly endless sheltered golden sandy beach, of which a part is an organized beach with bar and facilities for water sports. Along the way to the prime tourist resort of Batsi you will find many more beautiful beaches.

The Tower of St. Peter, which is one of the best preserved in the Cyclades, standing mighty on a higher point above the hotel Villa Sofia. A short distance from St. Peter is the largest monastery of Andros. A few kilometers from Batsi is Paleopoli, the ancient city of Andros who flourished from the classical era to the Roman period. Today is a beautiful green village. In Paleoploli you can visit the Archaeological Museum, which has many important finds from the excavations in the region.

At 35 km from Agios Petros is the picturesque capital Town of the island (Hora) where you will admire the neoclassical architecture of buildings, modern art museum, archaeological museum.

Andros is a large island with many beautiful green villages and settlements worth visiting like Korthi, Stenies, Menites, Katakilos, as long as beautiful beaches as Vitali, Achla, Vori, Grias Pidima and others.